Sunday Worship in church

Public worship in church.

We are open for worship on Sunday Mornings at 10:00 am and other times as advertised.

We understand that people will still feel cautious about Covid and the new strains currently in the news. We want to keep everyone safe and to enable everyone to feel safe in our church.  We vontinue to take a cautious approach and our Covid guidance and practices can be found by clicking here.

We will continue to live stream our services except for Worship Together or Communion Together so that if you are unable to come to church you can still be part of our worship together.

There will be a mid-week Communion service on Thursdays which will be quieter and shorter and some people may prefer to attend that service.

We will continue to review the arrangements for services in line with guidance and local circumstances.

Live streaming

We know that some people will still not feel comfortable about coming to church so we are going to live stream some of our services on YouTube.   The You Tube link for this Sunday 22nd May is:

Please note that Worship Together Services will not be live streamed at all.

Although we are aiming to position the camera away from most of the congregation, with any live stream there is the possibility of appearing online.  If you do not want to appear online, you can either inform us when you book your place for the service, or when you arrive, and we will ensure that you are seated in a “video free zone”.

You can still worship at home; please see our Worship at Home page.